Are you ready to live like a champion?



Everyone wants some form of success but few want to do anything else outside of their comfort zone. Few are willing to work smart and invest in themselves in order to see results.

Camilita knows that results oftentimes come in the form of other opportunities that don’t always look like opportunities. You have to create the expectation and not expect the expectation.

It’s no use you say you want it when things are easy, you have to still want it when things are tough, that’s when true winning happens.

Here are just some of the people Camilita has worked with globally or mentored to grow their business.

Her name is known across the globe, here’s why…..

Sharon Lechter

I am excited to have this opportunity to tell you just a little bit about Camilita Nuttall. Not only does she talk about you fighting for your future, but it’s about understanding her passion, her story, it’s unbelievable, but she did it, she fought for her future and she succeeded. She could have stopped there and enjoyed the fruits of her labour but no, she wants to come to you and make sure that you Live Like a Champion, because her heart is bigger than the globe. So please support and follow Camilita Nuttall. If you truly are not where you want to be and you want to get to the next step call Camilita, because you know what, she’ll kick you where you need to get kicked, she’ll get you to where you need to be.

Sharon Lechter USA
Business Strategist, Mentor, Elite Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author & International Speaker

Bob Burg

From the moment I got here I kept hearing about Camilita and how she just has such a dynamic way about her, that she is a force of nature and that everywhere she went people just gravitated to her. That’s the person who you want to learn from and learn with… come to her programme, you’ll be glad you did.

Bob Burg USA
International Best Selling Author & Speaker

John Price

Camilita is without any doubt at all, one of the best sales professionals that I had the pleasure to work with during my 25 years in direct selling. She has an internal motivation that is unequalled! I am pleased to comment on her ability to multi-task while remaining focused on the marketing plan.

John Price USA
Former President of International Operations, Mannatech Inc. & CEO Price Associates

DeLores Pressley

Camilita rocked the house! She was the closing speaker at the end and it can sometimes be hard to be the closing speaker but not for Camilita. If you want someone who is on fire, if you want someone who is going to move your audience, and not just move them but move them to action then you need to book Camilita. I am so delighted that she came all the way to Cleveland Ohio from the UK to speak to our audience and I’m telling you, people are still talking about her. So if you want a specific speaker who is going to teach your people, who is going to move your people to action Camilita Nuttall is the girl. Alright, go book her!

DeLores Pressley USA
Producer of the Launch Live Speaker Success Summit

Allan Butler

Camilita came into my company to help me grow my sales in September 2016. One side of my business was losing money month after month. I hired Camilita to spend 1 day in my business as we looked at ways to revolutionise sales and increase foot fall. From her extensive knowledge, training and practical steps in increasing sales and customer focus, my business had THE BEST 4th quarter sales ever! I highly recommend Camilita if you need to grow your sales locally or internationally.

Allan Butler The Bahamas
MD of Milo Butler

Rui Antunes

Camilita is a very enthusiastic person always willing to put extra effort into whatever she does. She is highly goal-oriented and puts more than 100% to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. She brings enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to your business.

Rui Antunes
A Testimonial from Portugal & Dubai

Tiffany Hallier

What can I say, Camilita is a HUGE inspiration. Call it fate or call it luck but I was blessed to meet Camilita at exactly the right time in my life. I had been thinking about starting my own business off and on for the past few years. I first met Camilita to help her further define her brand and take her to the next level. In our first meeting (a full day!) I was downloaded on her background, her thinking, and her plans for the future. Everything she said made light bulbs go off in my brain and helped to give me that final push I needed to go out on my own. She didn’t even know what she was doing as there was no way she could have known what was in my head! If this was the kind of experience I had just from our first meeting together, that was all about her, I can only imagine the value someone gets from having her as a mentor, trainer and coach! You go, girl!

Tiffany Hallier USA
Social Media Marketer, Strategist, Consultant, Keynote Speaker

Suzanne Longstreet

I just had an amazing session with Camilita. Before speaking with Camilita, I was apprehensive about whether or not I would get any value from the session. During the session with Camilita, was able to really connect in with me and see all the opportunities I have been missing. As a result of the coaching session, I have a very clear direction and focus on where to take my business, and expand on my knowledge, skills and ability. The biggest message I had was that I have all that I need within me. I’m excited to see the results I will create as a result of this session. Thank you so much!

Suzanne Longstreet – Clarity Coach Canada
A Testimonial from a Designated NLP Trainer & Master Coach

Vikki Coombes

As my business mentor Camilita was the energising direction I needed to reinvigorate myself and my business to a whole new level. Our very first session set the tone for the insights and challenge she gave me to take action in different ways that have led to Your Bright Horizons opening up whole new ways of serving our niche clients. She also went the extra mile in opening doors for me, making introduction and supporting my promotion activities. I am deeply grateful for Camilita’s mentoring during the early days of my business!

Vikki Coombes UK & New Zealand
A Transformational Coach, Learning Leader, Executive Consultant & Public Speaker

Suvi Bowellan

Every now and then you meet a person and you know that your life will never be the same. If you’re lucky, you can take a quantum leap towards the dreams you’ve had and grow more as a person in only a few months than you did in the past few years. I’ve had several of these meaningful encounters in my life and the latest is with Camilita Nuttall.

Camilita has the amazing gift of seeing you for who you are and what you have to offer and summarizing it in a few sentences. You’re left sitting there deeply moved and wondering how someone you just met can see the depths of you so clearly. Camilita has the amazing ability to see who you are and it’s summed up in a few sentences, so that you sit with tears in your eyes and wonder how someone who’s only known you for a while, can see so deep in your core.

Thank you Camilita for your support! I could not have found a better business mentor. I can say the same thing you said about me: there’s more to you than meets the eye.

Suvi Bowellan
A Testimonial from Finland