Are you ready to live like a champion?

Private Mentoring

Book Camilita to be Your Private Mentor

Through my private mentoring process, I will provide a blueprint for your success. Listening to you, we will uncover what is needed to reach your goals through a revolutionary technique that reveals your true potential. Let me be the architect of your dreams.

I want to mentor you to:

  • Set BIG goals with a clear plan to achieving them
  • Realise WHO YOU ARE and earn more money
  • Show you how to TRULY Live Like a Champion
  • Hold you accountable and stay focused until the job gets done
  • Earn more, work less and automate your processes to achieve more
  • Learn how to collaborate and form joint ventures that pay!
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  • Do you have a big dream? You know you are supposed to make a huge difference in the world, with your children, family or community but want help getting it done.
  • Are you working harder but not getting anywhere?
  • Are you at the point where you are saying to yourself ‘I have to make a change’ or ‘I don’t want to face another year unprepared, unplanned or without support to fulfill my dreams’?
  • Are you are struggling to get your business off the ground? Are you confused about what to do?
  • Are you thinking about changing careers, calling it quits or do you want some direction but don’t know where to turn?

Did you answer yes to any of the above? Let’s get to work!

I partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, to Live Like a Champion. As a leader and communicator, I have had countless mentors throughout my life and know I could not have done it without them.