Recruitment Experience Across Industries

Recruitment Experience Across Industries

Recruitment Experience Across Industries

A Smarter Way To Find The Best Candidates

From the moment you engage Duffy Group, you begin maximizing your recruitment resources. As a virtual extension of your human resource team, our experienced professionals focus on delivering value in every aspect of the process. We are highly disciplined stewards of your recruitment dollars, consistently delivering optimal candidates while ensuring the best value for your recruitment expenditures.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Our clients would say they like the flexibility of our model and our proactive approach to sourcing candidates.  Seeing run of the mill job board candidates is only the tip of the iceberg and our clients are impressed when we bring in high quality candidates who haven’t been on their radar.  Our clients often get multiple hires out of one search and they keep coming back because we provide a high quality service at a lower cost than our competition.


The search had been going on forever. We had retained a search firm and received resumes that were not on the mark. In fact, some of the resumes did not even meet the minimum qualifications for the Chief Sales Officer.  Another executive on our team was using Duffy Group for a similar role in his Business Unit.  He began to share the Duffy Group candidates amongst the executive team and we saw the quality of candidates received. We immediately interviewed some of the candidates for the CSO role.  Since then, we have hired a CSO through Duffy Group and engaged them for two additional searches with great success.  We are building out our executive team using Duffy Group, they are on the top of our list when we have an opening.


I believe our clients keep coming back because we add value to the recruiting process.  We bring a unique talent and skill set as an extension to their internal Human Resources or Recruitment teams.  Most internal recruitment teams are unable to execute the level of expert sourcing or data mining in order to build talent pools.  They just don’t have the time.  We add value by saving them time in the process.


Kathleen Duffy Ybara

Kathleen Duffy Ybarra


The founder of Duffy Group, Kathleen Duffy Ybarra knows how to take on challenges. Starting with only five clients and operating out of a one-room office in her home, Kathleen launched the Duffy Group in 1991, quickly growing it into one of the most respected recruiting firms in the country…read more

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