About Us

Until 1991, there was only one recruiting model, and it was based on only one variable: compensation. Today, that concept seems almost quaint. Of course, compensation is a key criterion, but there is so much more that goes into a perfect match between employer and candidate.

The “more” is the foundation of Duffy Group’s Recruitment Research model. Developed in 1991 and constantly evolving, it delivers real world, actionable knowledge to employers and guides the Duffy Group to unearth hidden talent. Our approach, combined with a flexible pricing model that enables clients to pay only for services performed, is the core of the Duffy philosophy: to be a vigilant steward of clients’ recruiting dollars and serve as a virtual extension of the client’s team.

Our rigorous and comprehensive recruitment process is designed to both streamline the process and ensure the delivery of optimal candidates. The result? Searches that reveal interested, qualified candidates quickly and that save employers up to 50 percent on traditional recruiting fees.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Duffy Group represents and recruits for national and international clients across a variety of industries. Its extensive global network allows Duffy Group to source candidates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Europe and Asia.


How is Recruitment Research different from retained or contingent search?

We conduct “real-time” sourcing by following the classic strategy of targeting companies and surfacing candidates by direct sourcing over the telephone.  As an extension of your organization, we uncover quality candidates who are not visible in the industry.  Our comprehensive process starts with in-depth Client Consultation/Intake Sessions which help us develop a targeted strategy to meet your project specifications.  Then, our strategy is implemented which can include company identification, candidate identification, pitching and candidate assessment.  The process is completed with full Research/Business Intelligence reporting and value-added back-end support components where needed.


What are the deliverables?

We deliver candidates, not just resumes! We provide a slate of quality candidates that are pre-screened based on the criteria you set forth…PLUS a detailed report of business intelligence that has been gleaned from the marketplace. This report can be used for future recruiting as well.


How does the Recruitment Research model integrate with my company’s internal recruiting team?

We offer an unbundled approach for you to select the service level that best fits your needs. For example, some clients require a full-scope, outsourced recruitment solution for large volume hiring projects. Other clients choose front-end name generation and candidate screening, whereby we submit a qualified candidate slate to your team for follow-up and manage the back end of the search process.


Who will be managing and sourcing my research project?

Our research teams are led by our Practice Leaders who have extensive experience in sourcing and staffing. You will work directly with a designated Practice Leader who aligns internal resources based on your requirements.


Explain your fee structure?

We provide an array of attractive, cost-effective options for clients looking to fill critical openings around the world.  The offering of unbundled search services using an hourly fee pricing model is a cost-effective alternative to traditional search fees.


In comparison, how cost effective is your research model?

Compared to a 30-35% retained search fee or a 20-25% contingency fee, our recruiting solutions deliver a higher return on investment. Our average project costs save our clients up to 50% of traditional recruiting firms fees.


Are there any guarantees?

We guarantee that we will speak with qualified individuals within targeted companies to present the opportunity, determine interest and gain competitive intelligence.


What types of positions are ideal for Duffy’s recruiting services?

Our Recruitment Research model can be replicated across most levels of an organization including front line/individual contributors up to and including C-level roles. We are successful with niche positions as well as high volume projects that involve multiple positions within one or more job category.


Do you have a defined geographical scope?

We work with a variety of Fortune 1000 clients across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Europe and Asia. Although we are headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, our team of seasoned recruiters live and work across the country.


Are there other research related services you provide in addition to recruiting?

We transfer our proven research skills and conduct primary research for clients to uncover key business information in their respective markets.