An Exclusive Opportunity for Success

From the moment you sign up, know this is a decision that will propel your success forward. It’s a seed planted that blooms throughout your experience with the Event of Champions – where every piece of knowledge imparted along the journey is relevant to your rise in status. We want you to become a part of our inner circle of success. Here, every interaction holds meaning and offers a chance for the forward momentum of your goals with actionable takeaways at every turn.

Designed to Make every Moment Relevant

Welcome to the dream team of entrepreneurial expertise. It’s in our name: Event of Champions. And it is just that, a gathering of the top minds and success stories in the industry. This is the best of the best. As our guest, you will be enfolded into this rare opportunity to gain exclusive insight into the secrets behind the success – without being sold to throughout the event.

Dynamic Content Designed to Amp up YOUR Business

The Event of Champions offers high-energy, mega-impact, real-world knowledge delivered in a way that amps up the content being delivered. It is empowering. Inspiring. Immersive. Thrilling to be among the brightest minds in the world. Intimate. And throughout, the Event of Champions is up close and personal, where you’ll have the opportunity to speak one-on-one and learn from those who have accomplished their dreams, leaving you with knowledge that can be immediately implemented for success.

Clear steps to take your business and life to the level of success you deserve.
Techniques on how to increase your income and earn what you are worth.
Real life examples from all the speakers, plus learn how to grow and expand your mindset, skillset and association.
Want more customers with a simple system? We have that covered.
Protect what you have, learn how to create true residual income from your talent,
and get others to buy into your dream.


Here’s why you need to be at the Event of Champions, if you’re just starting out or you have an established business, this is the place to be. Not only do you get great tips for building your business but you build a contact list with a series of entrepreneurs from all over the world that can help you grow. So be here, be here next time.

Megan Carnahan
Austin, Texas

This was an amazing event, I’ve attended many conferences and meetings and Camilita’s Event of Champions is truly that, I’ve made international connections, friends, business, had a wonderful time. I would recommend it whether you are starting a business, a successful entrepreneur or just really looking to expand your network and frame of influence.

Rhone McCall
Austin, Texas

I’m here at the Event of Champions, It’s been an awesome weekend, having had some great speakers, a lot of coaching and a lot of really interesting people to promote your business to.

Petri Varis

What an amazing event at the Event of Champions, so privileged to have spent time talking to high net worth of people. Sharon Lechter previous CEO to Rich Dad organisation, co-authored 14 Rich Dad Poor Dad books. Sharon also wrote books with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Sat on the presidential advisory council for financial literacy for President George W Bush and President Obama. It was also amazing talking with her husband Michael A. Lechter, intellectual property expert who also published Other People’s Money on Rich Dad series books. Other speakers for the weekend that was good to connect with are Tracey Smolinski, Paul Smolinski, Mirela Sula, Angela Totman and Camilita Nuttall. Thank you for being so humble and connecting me with other people that will help my business.

Harvey Singh

Was a pleasure to kick off as the first speaker for the Event of Champions this morning; humbled by the standing ovation and well done Camilita on a successful event. Was wonderful to reconnect with some incredible entrepreneurs too.

Darshana Ubl

Fabulous night at The Ritz Hotel London, Event of Champions Private Dinner… Lovely to meet so many wonderful Entrepreneurs & New Business Networking Connections…

Paul Smolinski

I’m here at the Event of Champions with a room full of champions and I was given the honor to be able to speak at this event as well as the event in January here in London and I have to tell you, this is an amazing event and an amazing opportunity to be in a room full of champions. You have to ask yourself, are you in the right room? And are you in with the right people? I can tell you that if you have not been to this event, you’re not in the right room and you’re not with the right people. So please join us for the next event here at the Event of Champions.

Dr Isaura Gonzalez
Latina Mastermind