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Do you know the secrets to a good resume, or who’s looking to hire? Learn those secrets along with quick tips and the Dos and Don’ts for finding the job you want. Our online videos and articles will give you exactly that.

About Our Career Services

At Goodwill, we offer no-cost career services to get you one step closer to a better job or career. Our career advisors specialize in helping you understand the job search process and realize your true potential. With the proper online tools like up-to-date articles and helpful videos, as well as our Career Centers, you’ll have the help you need to land the job you want. Together, we will set realistic steps, build upon your current skills, and help you connect with nearby employers that are hiring.

What do we do?

We provide guidance, materials, and education to those looking for an extra push to land a job. Whether you need help perfecting your resume, sharpening your interview skills, or finding a job with a local employer, we have the online resources, workshops, and coaching to get you moving in the right direction.

We’re happy to help you get ready for the next steps in your career. We know that by helping you and other local individuals, we’re working toward ending poverty through the power of work.

Why do we care?

We care because we know that something as small as grammar can ruin a resume. We know that nerves can get the best of you during an interview. We know that deciding what to wear while job searching can be difficult. And we know that the skills and techniques needed to land a job can seem overwhelming—so we knew we wanted to help.

Let us find you a good job like we did for 44,000 others last year.

Because of Goodwill, I am able to get my feet back on the ground and start making progress in building my life again. You walk in the door and they serve everybody. They make everybody feel at home and comfortable.


Goodwill can change your life, give you hope for your future, or for a job. I just want to thank Goodwill. Believe me, it’s never too late to achieve your dream!


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