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Tracey Currey, Founder

Founder & Visionary

A beaming light of positivity and full of creativity Tracey Currey founded PonyTailBows in 2013. Currey was asked by a friend to create a set of show bows for her daughter and from that moment her bows took off. Currey then focused all of her energy into building a brand of modern, handcrafted bows for girls of all ages.

“I believe that every girl deserves to dress up, play hard and stand out!”



You can never go wrong combining lots of pink with glitter! I love watching girls light up when they see this bow, I think Peppermint Patty has her own fan club!

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“PonyTailBows provides me the opportunity to create beautiful bows and headbands while inspiring young girls and women.”

Filled with a passion for creative design, Suzanne Collard joined Tracey in early 2014. She quickly knew PonyTailBows was the right fit. “I believe Tracey and I were brought together because of our common goals and values.”

Go Snap

Go Snap

I love it for its classic, designer inspired look. It's designed to compliment a variety of show attire and is a favorite with trainers and riders alike.

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Suzanne Collard, Production Manager

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