Burial & Inurnment Options

There are two primary options for final resting places: burial or inurnment. Burial is traditionally laying a loved one to rest in the ground. Another option for families who choose a casket is placement into a mausoleum. For families choosing cremation, an inurnment is when an urn is placed into a niche. Below, we will go over the options for burial plots and mausoleum placement, niche options and the types of memorials/markers available.

Burial Plots and Mausoleum as a Final Resting Place



Mausoleum entombment is above ground entombment (burial) that provides a clean and dry alternative. Exclusive options are available in a prestigious environment, such as community or private (family) mausoleums and cremation niches. Multiple price ranges allow families the choice of many affordable options. Mausoleum entombment also eliminates some burial expenses, decisions and does not require an outer burial container (vault).

Garden Mausoleums
Garden mausoleums are open-air structures that provide a lasting and beautiful remembrance option. Special landscaping features and the outdoor environment make this a desirable choice for many people. Four mausoleums, Hope, Prayer, Faith and Charity adjoin gardens of the same name. San Tan Mountain View has seven other outside mausoleums. A few still have some open crypts and niches.

Private Mausoleums
Private mausoleums are lasting structures used for the entombment of family or group members. They can accommodate a variety of individual preferences, including traditional burial and cremation. Private mausoleums are beautifully designed to reflect a family’s unique heritage and create a permanent tribute to lives well-lived.

Chapel Mausoleums
Chapel mausoleums house a chapel in which indoor services can take place. Our Desert Star Chapel Mausoleum is a completely indoor mausoleum with crypts and niches. It is a beautiful, large structure that has comfortable seating for visitors. A chapel mausoleum is another elegant, yet affordable, option for families considering this form of interment.

Final Resting Places for Cremains

Columbaria are specially designed areas comprised of niches (small compartments) that hold urns and cremated remains. Some may have a larger compartment to allow for family mementos to be placed as well. A columbarium may be an entire building, part of another structure or situated in an indoor or outdoor setting. In our cemetery, all of our mausoleums have columbaria with niches. We also have private family columbarium available, as small as two niches, and they may stand alone.

Cremation Benches
Cremation benches with areas for the cremated remains are the perfect tribute in a peaceful outdoor setting. There are many designs available to commemorate the life of a loved one.

Glass-Front Niches
Glass-Front Niches offer a unique and tasteful way to pay special tribute and preserve precious memories. The niches are larger than average to have space for the urn, a picture or other decorations. Families are welcome to change out the niches smaller content when visiting. There are glass front niches available in our Desert Star Mausoleum as well as in our Funeral Home Building. Both offer the benefit of being air conditioned and having comfortable seating.

Bronze Cremorials and Ground Burial
Bronze Cremorials are designed especially for families or individuals who prefer ground burial even when the option of cremation is chosen. At first glance it looks like an ordinary headstone, but beneath the nameplate is a tamper-proof niche protecting an urn.

If you like the idea of ground burial for cremains but would like to select an urn other than what is available for a bronze cremorial, you may opt to use a vault. An urn vault is a protective container that is used in burial to preserve the urn and support the ground above. The vault and urn will be placed in a grave plot and a memorial marker can be ordered separately.

Memorial Options

A memorial is a plaque or marker that has the deceased’s name, date of birth and date of death. Depending on the type of memorial, other items may be added; emblems, a quote or meaningful words and pictures. Your memorial options will depend on the type of final resting place selected and the location within the cemetery.

Flush Markers
This is the most common memorial option for our cemetery; this headstone is made to be nearly flush with the ground. Our cast bronze markers are highly customizable. Images can be engraved into the background, emblems or photos embedded and much more.

Upright Markers
There is a tremendous selection available and much customization allowed with upright markers. From simple carvings to detailed sculptured, only the imagination is a limitation in the creation process. Within our cemetery, there are gardens and sections were we do not permit these memorials. Be sure to discuss this option with our cemetery advisors when looking at burial plots.

Memorial Plaques
These cast bronze plaques are designed to fit on niches and mausoleums. Due to size restrictions, they only have basic information of the deceased; name, date of birth, date of death.

Memorial Benches
Memorial benches are typically made from granite. They are often placed near a mausoleum or gravesite to provide a place for visitors to sit while visiting their loved one. Memorial benches can also be made to house urns. The surface of the bench can be engraved with the family name, a quote or information of the deceased. Other customization may be available.