Specialty Rehabilitation

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Neurological Rehabilitation

Recovery and rehabilitation are important aspects of stroke treatment. In some cases, undamaged areas of the brain may be able to perform functions that were lost when the stroke occurred. Rehabilitation includes physical therapy, speech language pathology and occupational therapy. Physical therapy involves using exercise and other physical means (e.g., massage, heat) to help patients regain the use of their arms and legs and prevent muscle stiffness in patients with permanent paralysis. Speech language pathology helps patients regain the ability to communicate and swallow safely.

Cardiac Recovery

The cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to help you regain your strength, safely condition your heart muscle and improve your general fitness level. Part of rehabilitation is to help prevent further heart problems. Your therapy program will be personalized to help you improve bed mobility, transfers, activities of daily living and gait. Your therapy will focus on strengthening your heart through aerobic exercises such as walking.

Orthopedic Care

Whether recovering from a traumatic fall and injury, or after a planned bone or joint surgery, at Santé, we believe early mobility is the first step toward safety and independence for orthopedic rehabilitation. Following physician-directed protocols, our therapists begin the rehabilitation process immediately, carrying over gains from hospital therapy so that you progress through the phases of your recovery.