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Body Treatments at Skyview Spa

Salt Glow

The pinnacle of deep cleansing – This gentle exfoliating treatment uses natural salts blended with fragrant aromatherapy oil to remove impurities and rough skin. Luscious moisturizing creams are applied, leaving your skin soft and supple.


55 minutes – $120.00

Lemon Peel Scrub

Sugar granules, lemon and rich oils blend together to create an uplifting and luxurious skin renewal. Your body is also treated to a relaxing application of warm Lemon Body Balm.


55 minutes – $138.00

Fitness Vapor Wrap

A warm eucalyptus vapor cream is massaged into your body to help aid in the respiratory system, ease aching muscles and help detoxify the body. Includes dry exfoliation, a face, scalp and back acupressure – point treatment. You are then wrapped to help aid detoxifying. Relaxing footwork is also part of this treatment.


55 minutes – $138.00

Peppermint Twist Wrap

Our aromatic body treatment combines peppermint oil with aloe. They are therapeutically applied to soothe, calm and cool the skin. This combination mask and wrap is an ideal treatment for water retention or as an after-sun treatment as it enhances the skin’s oxygen consumption to improve cell turnover. Includes face, scalp, back and feet acupressure point treatment, as long as there is no skin irritability.


55 minutes – $150.00

Rose Petal Wrap

We begin with a gentle exfoliation and application of rose-scented body butter. While cocooned in a warm body wrap, we will apply acupressure point treatment to face, scalp, back and feet. This aromatic bliss rejuvenates the mind and spirit.


55 minutes – $150.00

Whipped Buttercream Wrap

Our signature natural organic body butter is used to deeply nourish and hydrate any skin condition. Shea, Cocoa and Mango butter are whipped together and then infused with lavender and orange essential oils. Dry exfoliation is also included in this treatment to open up the pores for better cream absorption. Includes face, scalp and back acupressure.

55 minutes – $150.00