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Body Treatments at Skyview Spa

Lemon Peel Scrub

Sugar granules, lemon and rich oils blend together to create an uplifting and luxurious skin renewal. Your body is also treated to a relaxing application of warm Lemon Body Balm.


55 minutes – $138.00

Fitness Vapor Wrap

A warm eucalyptus vapor cream is massaged into your body to help aid in the respiratory system, ease aching muscles and help detoxify the body. Includes dry exfoliation, a face, scalp and back acupressure – point treatment. You are then wrapped to help aid detoxifying. Relaxing footwork is also part of this treatment.


55 minutes – $138.00

Rose Petal Wrap

We begin with a gentle exfoliation and application of rose-scented body butter. While cocooned in a warm body wrap, we will apply acupressure point treatment to face, scalp, back and feet. This aromatic bliss rejuvenates the mind and spirit.


55 minutes – $150.00

The Cryotherapy Stone Face Treatment

With the use of warm and cold stones being placed alternately on the face it helps create thermo-therapeutic tranquility and calmness, while also relaxing the muscles allowing your body to unwind.

45 minutes-$110.00

Bamboo Face Treatment

Using Bamboo stalks, this treatment helps to improve sensory nerve perception, circulation and lymphatic drainage, all while relaxing and de-stressing your body

45 minutes-$110.00

Raindrop Technique

This energizing technique has been used for years as a highly effective method for balancing and rejuvenating the mind and body. The 7 essential oils used in this treatment are applied to the neck, back and feet. They promote energy and vitality and help relieve a variety of discomforts caused by imbalances in the body, especially the spine. The 7 oils are : Basil, Cypress, Marjoram, Oregano, Peppermint Thyme and Wintergreen. Treatment is 55 minutes.

55 minutes-$138.00

Shiatsu Scalp and Sinus Face Treatment

Warm Eucalyptus or Peppermint scented towels are applied to break up congestion due to headaches, sinus problems and colds. Acupressure is then applied to sinus and scalp points.

45 minutes-$110.00