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When it comes to investment strategies, unlike other big-time investment firms, don’t expect us to peddle the products of the day. Rather we will design a strategy based on your specific needs.

People who seek financial planning services do so for a number of reasons. Some would like to have a comfortable retirement, while others want to achieve specific financial goals. Regardless of your lifestyle, we can provide valuable financial advice that goes beyond investing.

Investment Management

We believe that the foundation for successful investing is a well-diversified portfolio that provides flexibility in the face of changing markets and incorporates clearly defined risk limits. We offer clients proprietary research and market insights in an ever-changing macro environment. Our team of dedicated financial analysts are constantly monitoring the world economy to identify global trends. This allows us through strategic sector rotations to improve client portfolio performance while reducing risk and exposure. We provide clients with customized and innovative solutions that address their distinct needs. Our overall approach to investment architecture and thoughtful, objective-driven management help to ensure our clients receive the investment advice and solutions that best serve their interests and ultimate goals.

Retirement Plans

SIA offers 401(k) and profit sharing consulting services, including fund performance reviews and comparisons, investment committee oversight, fiduciary services, plan design, and employee education programs.


Institutional Services

SIA provides consulting services for institutions, including endowments, foundations, charities, and other nonprofit organizations. Services include investment management, fund performance reviews, investment committee oversight, investment and spending policy guidance, and fiduciary services.

Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Our associated law firm is able to provide legal advice, draft trusts and other legal documents, as well as advise on asset protection, business succession planning, and charitable giving. Our advisors work closely with the attorneys to ensure the advice is aligned with our clients overall goals. The combination of experience coupled with our coordinated approach forms an estate plan that fits in with our clients overall financial plan and goals.

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