Advantages To Self-Funding

Small Business Owners Are Seeking Affordable Alternative Healthcare Solutions.
Advantages of Level Funded Self-Funding With USA Business Choice.

Advantages of Level Funded Self-Funding With USA Business Choice.

  • Plan Design Flexibility and Stability
    Freedom to choose a plan of benefits that meets the needs of the employer, provides for simplified underwriting, and implement cost-saving features of the employer’s choice.
  • Retain and Attract the Right Employees
    By designing and maintaining your own plan, you will be better positioned to compete for the quality employees you need in your business environment. This will also help you to keep the employees you already have on your team.
  • Freedom from some provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • Pathway to Employee Wellness and Productivity
    Our commitment to high-level data management, top-tier Medical Management, and customer-centered discovery and intervention will help to identify and assist those who may be in need of specialized or preemptive consultation.

This is an excellent fit for:

Employers with good demographics and good health
experience who feel they are paying too much
premium for too little in benefits.


Maximum annual claims costs are predetermined and the employer pays 1/12 of this cost each
month for the 12 months of the plan year. After this amount, there are no other charges for the claim
fund. Once all claims have been paid for the plan year, unused dollars in the claim fund are returned
to the employer.

  • Monthly Accommodation
    If at any time the money necessary to pay smaller claims is not in the claim fund (this is common during the early months of a plan year), the stop loss insurer will advance this money to the claim fund to pay these claims. Subsequent monthly payments into the claim fund
    will be used to repay this advance.
  • Reporting
    Each month, you will receive an accounting report on all claims paid during the month and the plan year-to-date.
  • Plan Year & Terminal Liability
    The plan year runs for 12 months from the effective date.
    Claims incurred during the plan year will be paid though a 9-month run-out period and any balance in the claims
    fund is refunded to the employer. Terminal Liability coverage is built into the plan by providing the 9-month run-out period.

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