Business Choice as it pertains to group medical plans continues to be an elusive objective for employers.  Companies have always been in search of superior benefit plans chalked full of choices to attract the best employees.  As group medical become more expensive, employer see their choices reducing.  When you include the added costs of the Affordable Care Acts, employers find themselves embarking on a further Business Choice Quest.

It appears that all the stones have been turned over at this point.  Employers are looking for a new answer.  Although healthcare trend has slowed in recent years, prices still continue to increase due to technology and our aging population.  Employers find themselves throwing up their hands and paying the increased costs.



Small and medium sized employers are discovering healthcare products that large employers have used for decades.  They have heard of self-funding their benefit plans but their companies were too small to be competitive.  The benefit never outweighed the risk.  Ironically, the mandates from Obamacare and tax advantages are making self-funding for small and medium sized employers a strong consideration.

The funding mechanism is transparent to the employees.  They see all the choice they have ever experienced in their benefit plan.  Provider networks, Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements and copayDollars under a Rock for preventative care are all available.

The employer has new tools available:

  • A managed approach to the dollars in THEIR claims fund.
  • Reports illustrating where claim dollars are being spent
  • Risk management to identify healthcare trends and explore options for large claims

These are just some of the reasons—along with common sense—that many small employers are looking at, and turning to Self-Funding for their benefit plans.

USA Business Choice was founded exclusively for Smaller Employers and their entry into the Self-Funded world.  We have built products for the Small Group market to work with the educated broker.

If you have any other questions on this or any other topic relating funding health insurance, let us know!