choice advantagesAs the summer comes to an end, many employees can sometimes feel a bit disengaged or run down. Summer is usually filled with exciting activities and beautiful weather, while the winter months can be dark and dreary. Fortunately, there are many morale boosters for your employees that don’t cost a lot money or take a lot of time. There are also choice advantages for health care benefits that may offer some positive results in the workplace.

Let’s start by talking about fun ways to boost morale. One idea is to consider planning an end of summer picnic. You can make it for employees only or invite spouses and kids to the party. You can put someone in charge of grilling the burgers and hot dogs and either have the side dishes catered or have everyone bring their favorite summer dish. Spending time with co-workers in a more relaxed environment can help employees rejuvenate and get ready for the Fall. If the timing is right for your picnic, you could also do double duty by rolling out information about family benefits and health insurance for employees who have questions or need to make changes. A great way to talk about choice advantages from USA Business Choice!

Other ways to boost morale as the summer comes to an end is to recognize  employees for a job well done. Most people enjoy a personal note, a gift card for coffee or a favorite restaurant, or even an afternoon off in recognition for attendance and productivity. Companies who reward employees when they are doing a great job usually encourage good morale and people who want to work even harder.  Offering healthy cooking classes or gym memberships as part of the employee benefit program is another option for boosting employee morale.

While you’re thinking about employee motivation, consider ways you can encourage employees to do their best and stay with your company. Small businesses usually have an advantage over larger corporations because they know employees personally. Find out what type of benefits, including health insurance, are important to individuals and families. Once you have a good feel for what your employees want, contact us at USA Business Choice. We can walk you through some choice advantages that fit within your budget and will help to keep your employees happy and healthy.