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USA Business Choice Patriot Plans


USA Business Choice “Patriot” plans are Level Funded plans specifically designed for the smaller employer with 10-200 employees that may not have been Self-Funded before. Utilizing Individual Underwriting as permitted under PPACA, the “Patriot” approach allows these smaller employers access to the same flexibility, Risk Management tools and data that larger Self-Funded employers enjoy. USA Business Choice utilizes A and A+ rated carriers and selected, regional Third Party Administrators chosen for their commitment to the smaller employer segment to ensure quality service and assurance. Read More

Patriot PLUS

USA Business Choice “Patriot PLUS” is a Level-Funded self-funded
product designed for small groups. It incorporates cutting edge plan
design features incorporating “Reference-Based-Reimbursement
(RBR).” Reference Based Reimbursement can reduce claims costs by as
much as 40%! It ties claims reimbursement to a schedule based on a
combination of several data bases, some of which are US Government
developed fee schedules (i.e., Medicare, Medicaid, etc.). Patriot PLUS
does NOT rely on Network providers or contacts. Read More



USA Business Choice “Liberty” plans are offered to employers with 200+ employees who may already be Self-Funded, or have access to claims information. The “Liberty” plans provides A or A+ rated Stop Loss carriers with Specific and Aggregate coverage, utilizing the services of Third Party Administrators chosen for their quality, capabilities and location. “Liberty” plans also include Risk Management tools that give employers the information they need to make accurate decisions. Read More

United We Stand

This product is a Group Stop Loss Captive product designed for groups that may be a part of an association, co-operative, or affinity groups to provide maximum purchasing power. Common industry associations and franchises are ideal for this product. While the group purchasing power provides leverage with markets, each company will be issued an individual policy. Stop Loss experience is often shared as a group to minimize risk and maximize the impact of good experience. USA Business Choice can develop a custom plan with a number of carriers to meet the unique needs for your organization. This product may be subject to different rules based on what state in which the organization is located. Read More

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