funded healthcareReno, NV.  USA Business Choice, an operational unit of Gatekeepers, Inc., a Reno-based risk-management firm and EXL, Inc., has announced the release of USA Risk. USA Risk is a risk management reporting tool for use by smaller employers with 10-100 employee lives who are Self-Funded and Level Funded clients of USA Business Choice.

USA Risk has partnered with several Data Smart Solutions, a “big data” firm and Magellan Rx, our exclusive  Prescription Benefit Manager to deliver actionable data for smaller employers. These types of data sets have been available for larger employers for a number of years, but are only become affordable for smaller, Level-Funded Self-Funded Plans.

Jeff Diekema, President, adds, “USA Business Choice was established to offer self-funded options for all size employers, with a special emphasis on underserved smaller employer.  USA Business Choice has partnered with top-tier Third Party Administrators, Stop Loss carriers and data management firms to bring the power of “large-group” data management tools to these employers. USA Risk is an evolutionary step in this process.”

USA Business Choice utilizes medical underwriting tools to introduce a “Risk Management” approach to the employee benefits world; allowing employers to accurately assess and manage the “real” cost and retain control of the risk associated with offering comprehensive benefit plans.  It is important for smaller employers to continue to offer benefit plans to continue to attract and retain the skilled and high-quality labor force that has made American small business the cornerstone of our economy.

About USA Business Choice…

USA Business Choice is national marketing and consulting firm marketing small group Self-Funded plan with the “Patriot,” “Liberty,” and “Patriot PLUS” brands.  We specialize in assisting smaller employers assess and manage the business that they have built by offering tools and products that help them make use of the vast amounts of data that is generated by the “normal” operations.  USA Risk is one of these tools bringing value to the marketplace through properly constructed and managed Self-Funding.  Contact: or