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USA Risk specializes in providing comprehensive employee health risk management services to retain control of the risk associated with offering comprehensive benefit plans of businesses and employers. Health Risk Management involves USA Risk partnering with the employer in examining the risks that normally arise in the lives of the workforce members and managing implementing cost-effective health measures to prevent them. For Employer groups and businesses, the issue is not what it costs to keep people healthy and productive, but what it costs not to.

Here at USA Risk we are leading the way with how healthcare and insurance are managed.  We know it has to start with the consumers of healthcare and insurance themselves.  Employers are given a great opportunity with self-funded insurance plans to not only control more of how their money is spent, but also show their employees the benefits of managing their own health.  When we are all working towards better health and preventative measures everyone benefits.



Sharene Campbell

Vice President of Risk Managment, USA Business Choice

How USA Risk Works

Risk Management is the process of identifying and assessing risk and developing strategies to manage that risk. USA Risk works by:

  • Managing The Known Health Risks Within a Group
  • Mitigating The Cost of Known Risk
  • Minimizing The Negative Effects of the Risk Both of Direct and Indirect Health Costs
  • Implementing Preventative Measures to Improve the health status of the Employer Group workforce, and Reduce Health Risk

Goals to Improve Health and Mitigate Risk using Predictive Modeling

Improving health status and reducing both near term cost outcomes by using predictive modeling that goes beyond looking backwards at medical claims data and focuses on the use of data, statistical algorithms, and machine-learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data.

  • Predictive modeling has been around for quite a while and is a part of our everyday lives, even when we are not aware of it.  Social Media, marketing and life insurance companies all use predictive modeling to advertise, create products, and price their products based on demographics, consumer’s behavior, and lifestyles.
  • As individuals we make our own life decisions based on the outcome of choices made previously and by others around us.
  • In healthcare, with the shift to EMRs and Big Data, a change has occurred that allows for robust predictive modeling that is becoming more complex, which in turn is becoming increasingly more accurate.

Enhancing healthcare management by ensuring, Creation of and adherence to best practices when dealing with chronic health issues, ongoing education and evaluation of programs, working with employers to empower their employees in managing their health, etc.

Having accurate results is great, but it’s is what you can do with this data that is more important!

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