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You Do Have A Choice!

  • Flexibility Design…your own plan to meet YOUR needs.
  • Protection…Protect your plan with stop loss insurance designed for your company.
  • Predictability…Pay the same every month – no surprises!
  • Transparency…Know how all your benefit dollars are spent – nothing hidden.
  • Savings…You keep what you don’t spend.

Key Features of The USA Business Choice Level Funded Self-Funded Concept

  • A Risk-Management approach to providing employee health coverage.
  • A unique answer for smaller employers trying to save money on the cost of group health insurance and brokers who would like to transition their groups to the self-funded arena.
  • Competitive rates.
  • 12/21 contract basis.
  • Internal pooling point maximizes potential for employer refund.
  • All industries eligible with the exception of law firms and MEWAs.
  • Group size: 10-200 lives. (Claims data is preferred for groups over 100 lives.)
  • Unused claim fund is refunded to the plan at the end of the plan year.
  • Stop Loss insurance offers full protection from larger claims. Employer will never have to pay more than the maximum monthly cost.
  • The predictability of a level monthly cost – there are no extra charges if there are high claims.
  • ERISA plan that is exempt from many of the new federal Affordable Care Act provisions.

    How is This Plan Different From a Fully-Insured Plan?

    Under a fully-insured plan, the monthly premium costs are locked in. Even if a group is healthy and has no claims, any savings are retained by the insurance company to pay the claims of less healthy groups. With USA Business Choice Level Funding and the smart use of Stop Loss Insurance, the employer pays a monthly cost that is the maximum cost.

    No matter how much claims are in a month, the employer will never pay more than this monthly cost. After all claims are paid for the year, the unused money in the claim fund can be returned to the employer or retained by the plan to offset future cost variances.*

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