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USA Business Choice was founded to take advantage of the opportunities created by the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. There are several significant advantages to employers who wish to self-fund their employee benefit plans.

  • Self-Funded plans are not required to provide coverage with minimum essential benefits. (Although according to a study by the DOL, there were no significant differences in the offered benefits between fully-insured and self-funded plans.)
  • Individual and small group plans are required to participate in a risk-adjustment system, but self-insured plans are exempt.
  • Self-insured plans are not subject to provisions (specifically, medical loss-ratio requirements and review of premium increases) that are intended to limit insurer earnings.
  • Starting in 2014, health insurers are required to pay an annual fee to be calculated by the Secretary, but self-insured plans do not have to pay this fee.

USA Business Choice is providing self-funded solutions to small employers using quality Third Party Administrators and A+ rated Stop Loss carriers.  We have the experience and resources necessary to provide your clients with cost effective, comprehensive plans. Our management team totals over 70 years of combined experience in Self-Funding.

Of course, not every small employer is a candidate for self-funding.  If the group has favorable demographics, has stable finances and work force, they may be able to benefit from an underwritten self-funded plan in a marketplace where real underwriting is not a part of the rating equation.

Benefits funding should be a part of an overall Risk-Management strategy much like P&C and Workers Compensation, that incorporates compensation and retention strategy, employment practices, HR recruiting and even the company’s philosophy on the purpose of employer-provided health insurance.  We can be a part of the analysis and bring value to your services as an agent/broker.

We have the capability to offer proposals for stop loss coverage, administration, and Total Costs to our General Agents through our quoting process.  We offer traditional self-funded programs as well as unique products tailored to the Smaller Employer.

USA Business Choice was founded exclusively for Smaller Employers and their entry into the Self-Funded world.  We have built products for the Small Group market to work with the educated broker.

USA Business Choice:  Built for Small Business, Forged by Choice!

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